Fusion ProGlide Power Review


A combination of curiosity and razor burn inspired me to pick up the much-hyped Fusion ProGlide Power, with 1-2-3-4 FIVE blades. Seems like overkill as always, but these are advertised as thinner (better?), and the whole thing vibrates. The first shave was a little terrifying; I felt like something angry and sharp was threatening to tear my face off. I *might* be getting a better shave, but it definitely feels way more exciting.

So a few days ago, I found myself traveling without my trusty blades, badly in need of a shave, holding a disposable razor. I looked at it and cringed: one blade, no gel strip, no batteries… might as well drag a kitchen knife across my face. One blade? Preparing for a five times shittier shave, I took a hot shower, lathered up and got to work.

The result: it wasn’t that bad. I had to take my time and shorten up my strokes, as one blade gets clogged much faster than five, and it wasn’t as smooth a shave as I’ve come to expect, but not bad for a little 25 cent piece of plastic.  Funnily enough, the experience made me appreciate coming home to my multi-blade even more — because I’m not as dependent on this dumb piece of marketing as I thought. It’s a shiny, futuristic looking toy that comes with an AA battery.  The packaging has sparkles on it, and invites you to push the button to feel it vibrate because clearly that’s a big selling point. And yes, the shave is marginally better, so even pragmatist males can feel awesome using one.

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3 Responses to “Fusion ProGlide Power Review”

  1. Wally says:

    Save money and keep using your expensive razor blade forever-ish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ADaRIqy0Dc&feature=search

  2. Jaša says:

    I found these battery razors quite facinating too. And my shaving experience has much improved since then. :) Thumbs up!

  3. David says:

    You can keep your razor completely fresh and new by just making sure you thoroughly dry it after every use. No resharpening needed.

    It’s not your frickin hair that dulls the blade, it’s the oxidation from being wet.

    Think about it… you’re trying to throw down one helluva man card if you think your hair is so tough that it can dull steel (or whatever alloy blades are made out of these days).