Jason Shen: A Manpacks Kinda Guy [Updated!]


Jason is a textbook high achiever: he’s got Stanford, elite gymnastics and founding a social enterprise Gumball Capital under his belt. He’s currently holding his own as sales guy for isocket, a self-serve web advertising platform, and living the Silicon Valley dream.

His next great achievement? Jason is trying to be REJECTED once a day, every day, for the next thirty days. He’s running the gauntlet of “no” in the name of self-improvement, which takes real cohones. We at Manpacks agree that only by increasing your exposure to rejection can you increase your immunity to fear and live your true potential.  Read more about his Rejection Therapy Challenge on his blog and there’s more on his inspiration here.

Manpacks salutes you, Jason! We’re sending you a $50 gift certificate to free up time for you to get further rejected! We say aye, so others may say nay.

Do you know and love a Manpacks kinda guy who needs to banish shopping and cut to the awesome in life? You can help them along in their mission by getting them a gift certificate here.

UPDATE 1: Jason’s posted week 2 of his rejection chronicles!

UPDATE 2: Jason just got his first manpack on October 29, 2010! His words “So convenient. So awesome. So manly...”

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2 Responses to “Jason Shen: A Manpacks Kinda Guy [Updated!]”

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  2. rinkjustice says:

    Congrats Jason! Definitely hardcore.

    Once you beat fear, what’s next?