Aftershave: it’s for after shaving.


Great news! Shaving basics like razors and shaving cream are now ready to add to your pack – shopping just got a little more convenient, my friends. Customers new and old: add shaving essentials items to your order and they will ship with your next package or use the “Ship Now” button in your dash to get them right away.

Now that you’re shaving the Manpacks way, here are a few thoughts on aftershaves and their benefits. Just ’cause we don’t carry aftershaves doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them!

Friction is a fact with shaving, and can lead to minor abrasion of the skin and pulling at the hair that opens pores. An aftershave minimizes these effects and helps the skin to heal, so your next shave is much more comfortable.

“But I don’t like to smell like stuff!”

Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you’ve never given it much thought. Or maybe you want to avoid being “that guy” who smells, well, terrible to others. Scent is a powerful, scientifically proven mnemonic that announces your presence before you say anything. It helps you be remembered—but you have to do it right.

Aftershaves are great for the fragrance-curious because they’re usually not as strongly scented as cologne – a topic we’ll save for another time.

“But I don’t know know where to start.”

Start here!

  • Personal taste – you have to like it, and it has to work with your body’s chemistry to produce a smell that becomes your signature. Don’t just smell the bottle and purchase; try it on your wrist, wear it for a few hours and then decide. Bring someone with you, if you dare.
  • “Notes” – ignore your first impression, train yourself to notice the trailing scent. This is called the “middle note” and will be the dominant scent that stays with you during the day.
  • Priceget the best you can afford. Come on! You’re putting it right on your skin, and it goes everywhere you go. ‘Nuff said.

A few suggestions:

  • Old Spice Original and Old Spice Classic by Procter and Gamble ($8, 6.4oz). A baseline standard. The skinny: “Original” smells like Grandpa. “Classic” is “New Coke” with a great ad campaign.
  • Acqua di Gio – by Giorgio Armani ($48, 3.4oz). It’s Italian, and incredibly popular for it’s blending of aquatic notes with florals. You’re likely not to offend anyone with it. The skinny: “Gio” is Mr. Armani’s nickname and pronounced just like “Joe”.
  • Green Irish Tweed by Creed ($75, 2.5oz). Creed is a rare slice of true old world luxury. With fruity vetiver top notes with sandalwood base, this is one of their bestselling scents and the only one available as an aftershave. The skinny: the packaging is plain but everything Creed does is top notch.

Have sensitive skin? Already using a favorite cologne?

If you have sensitive skin or a cologne you already favor, there are great products that give you the healing benefits of aftershave without the drying effects of alcohol or clashing smells:

  • The Gentleman’s Refinery has an unscented aftershave balm at ($40, 3.4oz) that includes high end ingredients like allantoin, shea butter and L-Arginine.
  • Clarins After Shave Soother isn’t strictly unscented but contains some mild, soothing botanical extracts and smells pleasant, not overwhelming at all.

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