Last Minute Gifts She Will Love


It’s four days before the holidays and you just remembered that you have to go shopping for gifts. You managed to get your mom and dad that toaster they always wanted, and your sister a snuggie, but now it’s time to hunt for the perfect gift for your lady. Pressures on to find something nice, meaningful and available. You damn procrastinator!  This is going to be tough.

Below are my top picks for a neat and meaningful gift for your woman. [Fingers crossed that they can express post these items in time.]

1. Kindle Fire – $199

Nerdy or not, your lady deserves some special techy gadgets.

2. Wine of the Month Club – $30

Bottoms up, Bottoms up!

3.  iTunes Gift Card – $N/A

The more, the merrier!


4. Foodzie Tasting Box  - $29.96

Tasty artisan treats on a monthly subscription.


5. Anything cool on Etsy – $30+

Hand made gifts are the best!


6.  One Years Worth of Car Wash’s – $250

She’ll keep her car as impeccable as yours.


7. Warby Parker Glasses – $99

These glasses are the best!  Plus one pair gets donated to someone in need.


8. Dodo Case for iPad2 – $59.95

Dodo?!!  Case.  These look like Moleskins. Totally awesome.


9. Anything Cool on Storenvy – $30

Lots of cool stuff here! And, you might introduce her to a new favorite website.



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