10 Best Websites for Men

Here at Manpacks we’ve spent a lot of time checking out websites for men. And we’ve learned there is some really cool stuff that a lot of guys don’t know about. Rather than take this knowledge with us to the grave, it seemed time to do the right thing and MAKE A LIST.

So here’s a few of our favorite websites. Places to buy manly goods, places to learn manly skills, and places to have a few laughs and/or kill some time.

1) Health and Fitness Articles, News, and Tips

  • Fun and smart, with topics ranging from motivation to diet tips
  • Killer web design (we’re suckers for it…)
  • Featured ads in the sidebar for both breast implants AND boot camps


2) Men’s Clothes

  • They make it easy to shop for fresh duds, even a matching outfit if that’s your thing
  • Their pants really do fit nice (be warned, they can be pricey)
  • Awesome customer service, liberal return policy


3)  Men’s Interests and Lifestyle

  • This is a blog your Dad could read, with an underlying celebration of classic manly virtues
  • Plenty of coaching on forgotten manly skills – building fire, escaping handcuffs, etc.
  • Huge community of manly men. Check out the number of comments the contest we ran with them.


4)  Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links

  • Ok, no big discovery here. But if you haven’t been visiting regularly because you think you’re too old for it: go on. It’s great for a quick laugh.
  • The only downside is the advertisement breaks
  • Troopers: Laser Sword


5) Personalized Clothing Service for Men

  • After a quick chat with your personal assistant, they shop for you and ship you a trunk-full of great clothes
  • Try on clothes in your own home, get angry about price of your new favorite pants
  • Return whatever you don’t want (return label included)


6) Experiments in Lifestyle Design

  • Tim Ferriss runs crazy, grisly, painful tests on his body so he can share the lessons learned (detailed in his book “4-hour Body”)
  • He’s a lifehacker extraordinaire, and a marketing genius
  • Very high on the list of “people we’d like to have a beer with”


7) Men’s Skin Care, Shaving, Hair, Tips and Men’s Grooming Services

  • If you are hardcore into shaving, these guys have a great selection of high-end blades
  • We recently added their shaving cream, aftershave, shampoo and conditioner to our store
  • Vast, exotic collection of every pricey men’s product under the sun


8)The Lavish Things Worth Bookmarking

  • Like a Pinterest that’s more appealing to men (but you’ll still have to scroll past shoe photos)
  • Visit their site, and you are guaranteed to find several photos that impress the hell out of you
  • Simple, visual pleasure


9) Manly Things You Can’t Afford

  • Absolute, unbridled gear lust for shit you can’t afford


10) Men’s essentials made easy



52 thoughts on “10 Best Websites for Men”

  1. I happen to think my blog is a pretty manly site. It’s a wood smoked, bourbon soaked look at life, love, and fly fishing.

  2. The best website (similar to College Humor) is The Chive, there is also an iphone app for it too

  3. I started checking buymanthings.com a few times a week after a buddy of mine sent me a link for something there. They usually have pretty cool stuff.

  4. I agree with some on this list, but some of these sites suck. I don’t know how reclaimyourmanhood.com is not on the list. It is a good blog that actually gives quality information and no BS.

  5. One that I’ve really enjoyed is thedistilledman.com . Lots of great tips on being a modern gentleman!

  6. For you guys who want to hear what women like to see guys wearing, check out Trig & Polished. It’s a streetstyle blog that was started by a woman who worked in fashion retail and noticed that men didn’t have the resources that women had when it came to fashion. She also was surrounded by women that had clear opinions on what they liked in menswear. Photographs on the site are all about women hitting the streets and finding REAL men who know how to dress. Offering what they liked about the outfits and where to shop for Trig & Polished approved style. Menswear from a woman’s POV. http://www.trigandpolished.com

  7. Hey Man Packs!

    Figured I’d throw you our article about the proper fart code your way. We all know acknowledge that bros sometimes let it rip and it’s totally important to know that there are boundaries.

    I must also tell you that yes, there is an app for tracking your farts. It’s actually pretty interesting and at the same time, fucking weird.

    Here’s the link – http://goo.gl/2mJuF9

    Let me know if you post it or decide to write more about it! Interested to see what you guys over at the Bible think,


  8. This is a great list and I have visited many of these sites because of this blog post. I run a female wrestling company called “The Female Wrestling Channel”. We feature real female wrestling action, and we never know where the story will go, nor do the fans, since the outcomes of the matches are not scripted or predetermined. Our fan base is pretty much male centric at this point in time! :)


  9. The Art of Manliness is definitely a website that every man should check out – at least once a week. They have some of the most detailed posts that I have ever read. And college humor is one of those sites that you will be stuck on – forever…because you can’t stop going through the posts!

    And, of course, for guys who want to learn more about how to attract, get, and keep women, from a woman’s perspective, there is http://attractgetwomen.com

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