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10 Best Websites for Men

Here at Manpacks, our goal has always been simple – to give men more time to be awesome. We’ve made it even easier to outsource the mundane with essentials to fit all of your daily routines. Underwear, socks, razors, condoms and more – all bundled together when you need them. Interested? Click below.

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In our search to find the best in essentials, we’ve spent a lot of time checking out websites for men, and we’ve learned there’s some really cool stuff out there. So here’s a few of our favorite websites – Places to buy manly goods, learn manly skills, and have a few laughs and/or kill some time.


1) Greatist – Health and Fitness Articles, News, and Tips

  • Fun and smart, with topics ranging from motivation to diet tips
  • Killer web design (we’re suckers for it…)
  • Featured ads in the sidebar for both breast implants AND boot camps


2) Bonobos – Men’s Clothes

  • They make it easy to shop for fresh duds, even a matching outfit if that’s your thing
  • Their pants really do fit nice (be warned, they can be pricey)
  • Awesome customer service, liberal return policy


3)  The Art of Manliness – Men’s Interests and Lifestyle

  • This is a blog your Dad could read, with an underlying celebration of classic manly virtues
  • Plenty of coaching on forgotten manly skills – building fire, escaping handcuffs, etc.
  • Huge community of manly men. Check out the number of comments the contest we ran with them.


4)  CollegeHumor- Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links

  • Ok, no big discovery here. But if you haven’t been visiting regularly because you think you’re too old for it: go on. It’s great for a quick laugh.
  • The only downside is the advertisement breaks
  • Troopers: Laser Sword


5) Trunk Club – Personalized Clothing Service for Men

  • After a quick chat with your personal assistant, they shop for you and ship you a trunk-full of great clothes
  • Try on clothes in your own home, get angry about the price of your new favorite pants
  • Return whatever you don’t want (return label included)


6) Four Hour Work Week – Experiments in Lifestyle Design

  • Tim Ferriss runs crazy, grisly, painful tests on his body so he can share the lessons learned (detailed in his book “4-hour Body”)
  • He’s a lifehacker extraordinaire, and a marketing genius
  • Very high on the list of “people we’d like to have a beer with”


7) Grooming Lounge – Men’s Skin Care, Shaving, Hair, Tips and Men’s Grooming Services

  • If you are hardcore into shaving, these guys have a great selection of high-end blades
  • We recently added their shaving cream, aftershave, shampoo and conditioner to our store
  • Vast, exotic collection of every pricey men’s product under the sun


8)TheFancy – Lavish Things Worth Bookmarking

  • Like a Pinterest that’s more appealing to men (but you’ll still have to scroll past shoe photos)
  • Visit their site, and you are guaranteed to find several photos that impress the hell out of you
  • Simple, visual pleasure


9) Uncrate – Manly Things You Can’t Afford

  • Absolute, unbridled gear lust for shit you can’t afford


10) Manpacks – Men’s Essentials Made Easy

Manpacks - Put Your Essentials on Autopilot

    • Underwear, socks, razors, condoms – all bundled together when you need them.
    • Only the best products tried and tested by real guys.
    • Automate the joyless act of shopping with scheduled deliveries.

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  1. I started checking a few times a week after a buddy of mine sent me a link for something there. They usually have pretty cool stuff.