10 Best Websites for Men

Here at Manpacks we’ve spent a lot of time checking out websites for men. And we’ve learned there is some really cool stuff that a lot of guys don’t know about. Rather than take this knowledge with us to the grave, it seemed time to do the right thing and MAKE A LIST.

So here’s a few of our favorite websites. Places to buy manly goods, places to learn manly skills, and places to have a few laughs and/or kill some time.

1) Health and Fitness Articles, News, and Tips

  • Fun and smart, with topics ranging from motivation to diet tips
  • Killer web design (we’re suckers for it…)
  • Featured ads in the sidebar for both breast implants AND boot camps


2) Men’s Clothes

  • They make it easy to shop for fresh duds, even a matching outfit if that’s your thing
  • Their pants really do fit nice (be warned, they can be pricey)
  • Awesome customer service, liberal return policy


3)  Men’s Interests and Lifestyle

  • This is a blog your Dad could read, with an underlying celebration of classic manly virtues
  • Plenty of coaching on forgotten manly skills – building fire, escaping handcuffs, etc.
  • Huge community of manly men. Check out the number of comments the contest we ran with them.


4)  Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links

  • Ok, no big discovery here. But if you haven’t been visiting regularly because you think you’re too old for it: go on. It’s great for a quick laugh.
  • The only downside is the advertisement breaks
  • Troopers: Laser Sword


5) Personalized Clothing Service for Men

  • After a quick chat with your personal assistant, they shop for you and ship you a trunk-full of great clothes
  • Try on clothes in your own home, get angry about price of your new favorite pants
  • Return whatever you don’t want (return label included)


6) Experiments in Lifestyle Design

  • Tim Ferriss runs crazy, grisly, painful tests on his body so he can share the lessons learned (detailed in his book “4-hour Body”)
  • He’s a lifehacker extraordinaire, and a marketing genius
  • Very high on the list of “people we’d like to have a beer with”


7) Men’s Skin Care, Shaving, Hair, Tips and Men’s Grooming Services

  • If you are hardcore into shaving, these guys have a great selection of high-end blades
  • We recently added their shaving cream, aftershave, shampoo and conditioner to our store
  • Vast, exotic collection of every pricey men’s product under the sun


8)The Lavish Things Worth Bookmarking

  • Like a Pinterest that’s more appealing to men (but you’ll still have to scroll past shoe photos)
  • Visit their site, and you are guaranteed to find several photos that impress the hell out of you
  • Simple, visual pleasure


9) Manly Things You Can’t Afford

  • Absolute, unbridled gear lust for shit you can’t afford


10) Men’s essentials made easy

  • Essentials like underwear and toiletries delivered on demand
  • No Bullshit Returns Policy

6 thoughts on “10 Best Websites for Men”

  1. I started checking buymanthings.com a few times a week after a buddy of mine sent me a link for something there. They usually have pretty cool stuff.

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