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For most guys shaving is a joyless task that produces mediocre results. You diligently drag a blade across your face and hope to achieve some semblance of smoothness without hacking yourself up too badly. Occasionally somebody pops up with a new razor product with a half-dozen blades that promises a closer shave but you end up with the same old results despite the marketing hype.

The fact is, the blade is only half the equation. If you’re shaving with drugstore foams and gels, your shaving game is over before a single blade even touches your face. Those thick lathers might look good but they’re actually drying out your skin, clogging up your blade, and irritating your face with chemicals and fragrances.

Stop the madness. Evolve your shaving.

Shaving Oil

Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shaving Oil

Shaving oil takes the toil out of shaving

There’s a good chance you have never heard of shaving oil, and even better chance you have ever used one. Let me tell you that you’re missing out. I think using shaving oil is THE ONE THING you can use to dramatically improve the quality of your shave.

Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shaving Oil is just that: a light oil that you apply to your face before lathering up and shaving. Take a few drops, massage it into your beard and face and you’ve added a thin layer that lubricates and protects your mug against razor damage without leaving a greasy residue. I can’t rave enough about this: shaving oil will change your life.

Ban the Can

Raw Materials Extreme Shave Cream

Extreme is for 'extremely smooth'

If shaving oil is the pre-game warm up, a good shaving cream is the full-court press. The problem is most shaving gels and foams are made of harsh chemicals that irritate and dry your skin.

Raw Materials Extreme Shave Cream offers natural ingredients that calm, soften, and soothe rather than attack your face. From the outset you can tell it’s a different approach to shaving. It’s a thick lotion rather than a frothy lather to keep your beard and skin soft while protecting against nicks and scrapes. Made of all-natural, organic ingredients like shea butter, acai berry, and algae with no harsh chemicals (like menthol) or fragrances to keep your face happy. Apply to your face and let it do it’s thing. The natural fragrance smells good and the light lather helps your blade glide without clogging.


So there you go. My shaving secrets are now yours…use them wisely.

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Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shaving Oil .7oz
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  1. Ruther says:

    Yeah i will be more easy by using this shaver and the shaving cream, but i think the electric razors are more amazing compare to this as its fast and smooth too.

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