Oh, Canada


Manpacks' Canadian headquarters and data centre

Hey, I’m Dave, just like the Kids in the Hall song. I’m Manpacks’ marketing & social media guy. Yes, I get paid to Facebook. More importantly, I’m a Canadian.

Since all the Americans have left by now, let’s be honest, Canada is awesome. We’ve got cleaner air, better beer, poutine, more colourful money, and extra U’s in our words. Heck, even geographically Canada rocks: Canada is America’s hat, and as the USA’s headgear, we also share the longest unprotected border in the world with our neighbours to the South.


Beaver shot

While Canada and the US have been free of border disputes since the 1800′s (sorry about that whole burning the White House thing, guys) the border is a major source of consternation for Canadians who like to shop online.

Many of Manpacks’ customers are Canadian, but before they become customers, everyone asks the same questions:

“Do you ship to Canada?”


*cringing* “How much does it cost…and what about import fees?”

Canadian Tire Money

Canadian currency, makin' it rain

These are fair questions to ask: even if a company does ship to the Chosen Frozen, every Canadian knows that sending merchandise from the US to Canada is only slightly cheaper than launching a rocket payload into orbit.

At Manpacks we thought that sucked—Canadian guys need underwear (and long johns), socks, shaving gear, and grooming products just as much as guys south of the border. Plus our co-founder is Canadian and we have several Canadian employees (like me). So Manpacks has shipped to Canada since the day we launched and along the way we’ve learned a few things that put the Can in We Ship to Canada.


A traditional Canadian breakfast

Plus our staff know who the Edmonton Eskimos are, can tell you the best drinking spots in Halifax, and have driven in rush hour in Montréal. Knowledge is power.

So break open a two-four, grab some Smarties and Ketchup chips, and plunk yourself down on your chesterfield. Manpacks has you covered, hoser.

Manpacks’ No BullMooseshit Canadian Shipping

1. Manpacks ships to Canada.

2. Manpacks ships by USPS which is delivered by Canada Post once it hits the border.

3. Free delivery on orders over $49, or any size order if you are a quarterly member.

4. No surprise fees or brokerage charges.*

5. Free return shipping if you need it.


* Very rarely Canada Post will collect GST/HST at the border. Not much we can do about that: taxes are as Canadian as the Toronto Maple Leafs not winning the Stanley Cup. But hey, free health care.

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  1. Jason Cole says:

    Canadians, not to be confused with the “Frozen Chosin”


  2. Chris Jones says:

    There’s a reason why Canada is the greatest nation on earth, and it has everything to do with Tim Hortons and Poutine.

  3. Calvin says:

    Thank you, that is all.

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