BP-8 Stinger—stimulant-free energy


True story:

Back in October the Manpacks team went on a 4-day planning and code hacking session in the remote town of Bristol, Vermont. It’s a scenic little mill town with no cellphone reception; there was literally nothing to do there except spend long hours improving the experience for our members.

We descended like locusts on the local grocery store for supplies, and cleaned up on the energy drink aisle. We’re hardcore geeks and code jamming requires lots of sugar and caffeine, right?

By day three everyone was cracked out and cranky.

I wish we had been working with Q5 Labs at the time. They’ve developed an alternative to energy drinks which doesn’t rely on the quick and dirty stimulant boost from Caffeine.

The secret ingredient:


BP-8 Stinger contains an exclusive formula of Octacosanol, Bee Pollen (from real bees!), and Aspartic Acid designed to boost awareness, endurance, and mental acuity without the jitters, calories, and harsh burnout of sugar and caffeine. Great for intense workouts, competition, or just staying razor-sharp during the 9-5 (or all-nighters)—any time you need to be at your physical and mental peak.

Needless to say, we’re reformed and we’ve got BP-8 Stinger in stock for you.

Q5 Labs BP8 Stinger

Q5 BP-8 Stinger – 60 tablets



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Octacosanol which is naturally found in tiny amounts in beeswax, sugar cane, and wheat germ oil. Octacosanol has been researched for over 20 years for its ability to increase endurance, stamina, and strength by reducing oxygen debt and improving muscle glycogen storage.
Octacosanol is a part of a complex mixture of long chain fatty alcohols called Policosanol which is believed to improve overall cardiovascular health and help maintain the myelin sheaths of the central nervous system.
Bee Pollen is an amazing high energy natural super food packed with 16 vitamins, 16 minerals, 18 amino acids, 18 enzymes, and 28 trace elements in perfect balance. It works to turbo charge the endurance enhancing Octacosanol.
Aspartic Acid is high octane brain fuel and helps increase mental alertness and energy output. It’s also a key transporter of the essential minerals magnesium and potassium.




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2 Responses to “BP-8 Stinger—stimulant-free energy”

  1. Adam J Smith says:

    Yeah, but I’ll tell you what: Bees, are some of my favorite people. They didn’t hurt the bees, did they? $19 isn’t much, but when you tack innocent lives onto the price…

  2. william says:

    Been looking for an alternative. Been on Steaz shots lately but they don’t know when to quit. Think I give these a try.

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