Four Steps to Perfect Safety Razor Shaving


Most of use grew up shaving with multiblade disposables razors. While they are convenient and idiot-proof, they are expensive and don’t offer the best shaving experience.

More men are rediscovering classic shaving tools and techniques, and the venerable safety razor is a great place to start your journey to shaving excellence. And don’t worry, despite the low-tech appearance safety razors are very safe and easy to shave with. Just follow our tips below.

1. Soak

  • In the shower, give your face a good scrub and make sure to soak your beard so it absorbs water and softens.
  • You can shave in the shower or immediately after.

2. Lather Up

  • Make sure your face is wet. If you have shaving oil, massage a few drops into your beard now.
  • Wet shaving brush and work into shaving soap to build a thick, dense lather.
  • Apply lather to beard with brush or fingers in circular motion to loft stubble and ensure entire area is lubricated.

3. Shave

  • Divide face into small areas roughly 1″ wide by 2″ long. Think chops, cheeks, chin, ‘stache, jaw, neck and throat.
  • Hold the blade in a relaxed, comfortable grip at approximately a 30-degree angle to your face. Gently shave in downward strokes with the grain of your beard over one of the areas you drew out earlier. You may wish to use your other hand to pull the skin tight.

Important! Do not press or pull: allow the weight of the handle to do the work

  • Rinse the blade out in warm water and repeat until you have completed your entire face
  • Pay careful attention to tricky parts like along the jawline, under your nose, or on your Adam’s apple
  • Apply additional lather or water as needed

Optional Depending on your skin sensitivity and toughness of your beard, you may wish to lather again and shave over again or shave against the grain. If you suffer from ingrown hairs or are particularly sensitive to razor burn do not do this.

4. Soothe

  • Rinse with cool water and gently pat dry with a clean towel
  • Apply an alcohol-free aftershave
  • Thoroughly rinse blade and brush and allow to dry in an upright position

Go forth and be admired.

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  3. mansate says:

    Informative post. There is definitely a technique in order to get the best shave. Mostsmooth safety razors get the job done quite nicely.

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  5. You might want to consider using hair removal gadgets to remove hair. It doesn’t leave ingrown hairs, it won’t cut and scar your skin and its results last longer than shaving.

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  7. I like the feeling of a safety razor shave, but to be honest nowadays it is more convenient to just use a
    foil electric shaver for a close shave. It is much faster to setup and clean afterwards. Also, it provides the same results essentially, maybe a bit less effective than a safety razor lol.

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