Shave Like Your Grandfather


Like most guys, you’re probably shaving with a multi-blade cartridge razor. And why not? They’re easy, quick, and don’t require sharpening–resulting in a shave that’s simple and does the job.

But most guys also appreciate a closer, smoother shave. A shave with less irritation. A shave that produces fewer ingrown hairs.

A shave that doesn’t constantly require buying expensive, new blades.

While they are cheaper, the answer doesn’t rely on the modern disposable invented by Gillette in the 50′s. No, chances are your grandfather got a great shave with a safety razor, probably while winning wars and driving without a seatbelt. Note: we’re skipping your great-grandfather’s shaver, the straight razor. While it’s the ne plus ultra of barbering and can produce a very clean shave, it offers a steeper learning curve in terms of sharpening and shaving technique. Sweeney Todd, anyone?

The safety razor offers precision shaving with the convenience of a disposable at a fraction of the price. And while millions of dollars in advertising might have told you that more blades are better, a single blade imparts less drag on your skin and produces a single, clean cut, whereas a multi-blade cartridge is like running 4 or 5 passes over your skin.

Do not be afraid.

Despite appearances, shaving with a safety razor need not be scary. As the name implies it was designed as a safe alternative to the somewhat unforgiving straight-razor.

Check out the guide below, lather up, and get ready to experience the best shave of your life. A little experimentation with different blades (some are sharper than others) will help tailor your shave to suit your skin and beard in a way disposables can’t hope to match.

Read our Safety Razor Shaving Guide and enjoy.

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