Chiefs Energizing Face Wash


Chief's Enregizing Face Wash

Better Than Drinking Coffee in the Shower

I am not a morning person.

I’m a snooze button abuser, a coffee addict (black!), and early morning meetings are hard. Especially Mondays.

Anything promising to ease my morning pain is of great interest to me. So when Chiefs Energizing Face Wash showed up at the Manpacks office I was eager to give it a try. A face wash that helps you wake up? Tell me more…

Chiefs face wash gel is chock full of minty goodness for lots of mentholated wake up tingles for your face. Imagine standing in the shower but your face feels like it’s getting a blast of frosty, bracing air from a Himalyan mountain peak. Awake yet? It also leaves your mug squeaky clean.

It’s possibly the best thing you can do with mint after mojitos…or that thing with the Altoids.

Chief's Enregizing Face Wash

Chief’s Energizing Face Wash — $17

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2 Responses to “Chiefs Energizing Face Wash”

  1. doug chertok says:

    you’ve come a long way…congrats!
    great to see the progress.

  2. Omar H says:

    The problem is you have to get out of bed first to use it. Do they make a “dry” version you can apply IN bed?

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