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Behind the Brand: Man Stuff

This week on Behind the Brand we look into the story of a company dedicated to producing American made, high quality products, specifically for men. Let’s meet Man Stuff.

Behind the Brand - Man Stuff

Founded in April 2009, Man Stuff is the collaborative effort of Roberta and Grant Young. Roberta, Founder and CEO, started the company after her husband Grant refused to soothe the dried, cracked skin on his hands with her ‘girly’ lotion. Grant claimed he needed a ‘manlier’ option – one that didn’t smell like fruits or flowers and didn’t leave his skin feeling greasy. After seeing the need her husband had, Roberta decided to create the solution, and Man Stuff was born.

Roberta and Grant worked together to create an alternative that was all natural and manufactured in America. Combining simple packaging, high quality ingredients, and a bold logo, the couple made their first product – Man Lotion. The lotion features a light manly scent and is formulated for everyday use.

After seeing success with Man Lotion, the brand expanded their line to include a product for every part of a man’s routine: Man Wash – a shampoo and body wash combo, Man Rinse – a hair and beard conditioner, and Man Shave – a shaving cream. Each product is made in America and features the strong Lumberjack logo that has become synonymous with the brand.

Man Stuff has caught the attention of men looking for manlier alternatives to everyday grooming products, and has built a reputation for excellent customer service. The brand has even been featured in ‘swag bags’ of awards shows, such as the Sports Emmy Awards.
If you’re interested in trying out Man Stuff for yourself, you can find Man Wash featured in the Manpacks store.

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