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Behind the Brand: RibbedTee

This week on Behind the Brand we dig deeper into the story of a company creating the world’s most comfortable and best fitting undershirts. Let’s meet RibbedTee.

Behind the Brand: RibbedTee

In November 2007, Mikel Schwarz was unexpectedly laid off from his job. While searching for a new one, he stumbled upon an episode of ‘The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch’. Watching Deutsch interview entrepreneurs who followed through on their big ideas gave Schwarz an idea of his own – to create a well fitting but affordable undershirt. This idea was the birth of the brand RibbedTee.

Schwarz had long thought that undershirts found in most ‘big box’ department stores fell flat. Either they were too boxy, short, or generally uncomfortable. Tired of these ill-fitting shirts, he started designing a more affordable and comfortable solution. With a cash advance from his last credit card and the idea to replicate the unique ribbed feel found on most men’s tank tops, Mikel and his wife Kim made the first RibbedTee product in April 2008 – the Classic Fit V- or Crew Neck. This original design was a 100% cotton American made shirt designed as an alternative to fit every man, and every budget.

Schwarz and his wife have since built an exclusively online brand of American made undershirts. His designs have filled a void in men’s fashion by creating not only stylish, but comfortable and affordable undershirts. The brand has created a loyal following, especially with the introduction of the Retro Fit shirt – a design inspired by the vintage Towncraft 50/50 undershirt. RibbedTee has been recognized by Esquire and Valet as the Best Undershirt for Men, as well as caught the eye of many celebrities, such as Will Smith and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who can be seen rocking RibbedTee frequently.

Because of the unbeatable comfort and fit, RibbedTee has been a part of the Manpacks lineup since the beginning. If you’re interested in trying out RibbedTee for yourself, you can find the Retro Fit undershirt in the Manpacks store.

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