Man Aisle

Screw the Isle of Mann: I’m headed for the Man Aisle

All the essentials in one place.

by Jeff Carmack

If you’ve ever done the grocery shopping you know it sucks. You have to contend with crowded parking lots, tons of kids and, worst of all, guys like yourself who would rather be anywhere other than a grocery store.

Well, bro, if you live in Manhattan you’re in luck.

Some smart guys there have set up a Man Aisle in a local grocery. Read More »


6 Essential Rules of Workplace Etiquette


by Jeff Carmack

Unless you’re a wildly successful blogger (or maybe Seth MacFarlane) and can work at home you go to an office every day. And if you’re like most office drones you work in a cubicle (sometimes referred to as a cube or, more accurately, sensory deprivation chamber). Read More »

beer fridge

Weekly Blog Review—July 22, 2012

Mo’ weekend, mo’ problems. Wait, the weekend is never a problem. Hope you’re having a good one. Here’s a roundup of the best of the Manpacks blog in case you missed it earlier.

PS: we also introduced The Undies this week and are celebrating with a special promo! Read More »

The Undies

Introducing The Manpack Awards

Everyone's a winner at The Manpack Awards.

At Manpacks we’re big fans of social media. We’ve built our business on it. Facebook, Twitter, our blog—they’re all great ways for us to interact with our customers and fans and help serve you better. More importantly, they’re a great place to hang out and have a good time.

Yesterday we crossed a milestone of sorts: our  6,000th Like on Facebook. We think it’s pretty cool that collectively you’ve shown us the love and we wanted to give some of that love back. Read More »

Colonoscopy prep

12 Most Horrific Hours Leading Up To My Colonoscopy

Oh, Hallmark, you think of every occasion.

by Sam Fiorella

“Man Up!” A term we men hear often during the course of our lives. There comes a time in every man’s life when he reluctantly has to face his worst fears and phobias. Some of us do it with grace while others are dragged kicking and screaming.

Such was the case for me recently when I had to face one of my fears: the dreaded colonoscopy. Read More »

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