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Ask Elle—Who Should Pay for a Date?

Check you check etiquette

Q.  If I’m going on a date should I offer to pay or go dutch? I don’t want to seem cheap but I also don’t want to seem like a throwback or greaseball with expectations.

The ‘who pays’ issue drives me absolutely batshit. Read More »


Interview with Joel Stein—Author of ‘Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity’

Joel Stein with his boomstick.

by Jeff Carmack

Joel Stein is a writer, an author, a talking head and—perhaps not surprisingly—a man.

He writes a regular column for TIME, and has contributed to The New Yorker, GQ, Esquire, Details, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, BusinessWeek, Wired, Real Simple, Sunset, Playboy, Elle and the Los Angeles Times, just to name a shitload.

He’s also written a very funny book, Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity. Read More »

Beer cheers

Manpacks Lazy Sunday Roundup

Congratulations! Sunday afternoon beckons. Time to chill out, relax, and and enjoy some stuff that you may have missed last week while you were being awesome: Read More »

Ask Elle

Ask Elle—How to Smell Nice

Like tequila,don't use the whole bottle at once.

Q. Cologne or no cologne on a guy?

Short answer: yes

An Old Spice commercial from way back when taught me that scent is arguably the strongest sense tied to memory, and I tend to agree. Read More »


The Street Meat Guide

The fully-loaded 'dog for the street meat masochist. Pic by Lori Dyan (

There is a whole subculture of people who take food very seriously. Foodies they call themselves as they agonize over the minutia of exotic victuals: its provenance, the subtle variations between makes and regions, and of course, how it tastes.

I’m not one of those foodie people. Read More »

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