PACT boxer briefs review

PACT Boxer Briefs—Support Change for Only $19

Boxers that feel good and do good

PACT not only makes amazing boxers, they do it with with natural wind power and organic cotton. They also donate 10% of sales to community causes, so these folks are legit. Read More »


PACT Striped Socks—Spring 2013

Socks with Style & Conscience

Like the Big Lebowski’s contested carpet, socks really tie an outfit together. We love PACT stripes for the bold colours that work great with everything from suits to jeans Read More »

Raw Material Face Stick SPF 30 mini

FREE Raw Materials Face Stick SPF 30

Pocket-sized Sun Protection

Summer is coming. We all know the danger of too much sun exposure—painful burns, blisters, peeling, premature aging… oh, and that nasty skin cancer thing.

Yeah, it’s a good idea to invest in some skin protection. Read More »


JoxSox Sport Socks — Beat Hot Foot

Goodbye hot, sweaty feet

Are your poor dogs are barking after a good workout?

Tame those puppies with JoxSox and keep your hard-working, under-appreciated feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. Read More »

BR4SS Fitted boxers

BR4SS Fitted Boxers

A great pair

BR4SS fitted boxers are an awesome choice under any circumstance: they fit great, they look great, and they’re a great price.

  • Fitted boxer style – none too loose, none too tight
  • Soft, 100% combed cotton
  • Great style and four color options

Read More »

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