JoxSox Sport Socks — Beat Hot Foot

Goodbye hot, sweaty feet

Are your poor dogs are barking after a good workout?

Tame those puppies with JoxSox and keep your hard-working, under-appreciated feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. Read More »


Ministry of Supply Core Crew T-shirt

Are you a t-shirt guy?

If you are, lean in close: This t-shirt is amazing.

Ministry of Supply’s Core Tee is a basic that is far from basic: it’s designed and engineered in the USA as a high-performance base layer. Read More »


Chiefs Energizing Face Wash

Better Than Drinking Coffee in the Shower

I am not a morning person.

I’m a snooze button abuser, a coffee addict (black!), and early morning meetings are hard. Especially Mondays.

Anything promising to ease my morning pain is of great interest to me. So when Chiefs Energizing Face Wash showed up at the Manpacks office I was eager to give it a try. A face wash that helps you wake up? Tell me more… Read More »


BP-8 Stinger—stimulant-free energy

True story:

Back in October the Manpacks team went on a 4-day planning and code hacking session in the remote town of Bristol, Vermont. It’s a scenic little mill town with no cellphone reception; there was literally nothing to do there except spend long hours improving the experience for our members.

We descended like locusts on the local grocery store for supplies, and cleaned up on the energy drink aisle. We’re hardcore geeks and code jamming requires lots of sugar and caffeine, right? Read More »

Raw Materials Sport Fix Body Spray

Sport Fix Body Spray by Raw Materials

It’s a fact: sometimes you stank.

As the day goes on we can get a little bit…fragrant. Normally we throw on some deodorant and hope for the best, but that’s only masking the problem with better stink on stink. And there isn’t always time for a shower or fresh change of clothes.

Luckily, Raw Materials has put their mind to the task and the result is Sport Fix Body Spray.

It’s not a deodorant or anti-perspirant, it’s an Odor Neutralizer that hunts down and destroys BO at the molecular level (take that, stink molecules!) No fragrances, no harsh chemicals, no aluminum: just you smellin’ fresh. Read More »

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