Morning Routines:Saving Your Sanity 5 Days a Week

How I feel about my morning routine

I’m not a morning person.

My Morning Alarm Routine

Look like you? Well, it doesn’t have to.  Build a routine. Cut out the ‘thinking’ and narrow in on the ‘doing.’ Pre 7am, the less thinking the better.

Routines are your fast track to autopilot, helping you accomplish whatever lofty goals you’ve set for the day (get that big promotion, slay a dragon, build the next Draft Kings).

Let’s break this down and tackle routine one step at a time.

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Beyond The Stache: Why November Matters


Fall is a special time of year. Major sports are in full swing, the leaves are changing, and facial hair is blooming on male faces all around the world. Many ambitious men pledge to tuck the razor away for November to let the follicles run wild. While it certainly makes for good water-cooler talk (are we really still using this phrase), a lot of people don’t know the origin behind why November and facial hair have become a cultural pair. Continue reading

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