How to Make Perfect Cross-Hatch Grill Marks


lot of people think that they already know how to grill like Bobby Flay. It’s true that pretty much anyone can sidle up to a hot barbecue, toss a mangled burger patty onto the fire and end up with something that’s at least edible. But what about the finer points? What about the little tricks and techniques that make your food taste and look amazing? Read More »


3 Tips for Ordering Wine Like a Pro

This is a guest post by Kyle Ingham. Kyle is the founder of The Distilled Man—an SF-based school for essential man-skills.  His experts will teach you and a small group how to grill a T-bone, play a poker hand, and (as shown) confidently order a winning bottle of wine. 

Everyone wants to be “that guy” at the restaurant. The guy who looks at a wine list, confidently surveys his choices, and without hesitation, selects the perfect wine. “Mmm yesss. We’ll have a bottle of the…” Read More »


Standing Desks: Manpacks Labs edition

How are you reading this right now?

Sitting in front of the computer?  Sitting at a desk, at work or at home?  How do you feel?  Sitting there.  Sedentary.  In case you were wondering, it’s the sitting part we’re getting at.  Because sitting isn’t all that good for you. Read More »


Automate Your Expenses: think less, save more.

We here at Manpacks love finding new ways to live better without creating more work for ourselves. It’s one of the reasons we created this service.  And we’re betting you love it as well – it’s probably one of the reasons you’re on our site.  So we got to thinking about the various lifehacks, shortcuts, and random tricks we’ve found to make our daily lives easier (beside subscribing to Manpacks, of course) and have decided to share them with you, the Manpacks community. Read More »


Marketing Position Available!

We’re looking for a marketing heavyweight to help take Manpacks to the next level. Equal parts fun and insanely hard work, the ideal candidate will understand that Startup Life is a roller coaster ride—and often creeps into your weekend. Read More »
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