The Crockpot is a Man’s Best Friend (in the Kitchen)

We here at Manpacks love finding new ways to live better without creating more work for ourselves. It’s one of the reasons we created this service.  And we’re betting you love it as well – it’s probably one of the reasons you’re on our site.  So we got to thinking about the various lifehacks, shortcuts, and random tricks we’ve found to make our daily lives easier (beside subscribing to Manpacks, of course) and have decided to share them with you, the Manpacks community. Read More »


9 Hangover Strategies for Big Kids: Manpacks Labs edition

Fortunately, hangovers in your early 20′s aren’t that bad.  This gives us a few years to have some unbridled fun while we learn the Great Art of Getting Wasted, and how to live with our mistakes from the night before.  Even if those days are behind you now, there may be occasions when you find yourself a tad beyond the brink.  We’ve come up with a solid game plan to get you out of bed the morning after. Read More »

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PACT organic underwear: product review

A few weeks ago, we met the guys over at PACT.  ”Change starts with your underwear” is their tagline, and 10% of their sales go towards supporting one of their featured causes that vary from marine conservation to distributing solar-powered lamps to communities without power — so we knew they were onto something pretty cool from the get-go. Read More »


Manpacks Goes to School

Andrew and I spent an hour at Hope High School today, hanging out with Steve Cronin’s students and talking about risk, ideas, and entrepreneurship.  Maybe we inspired a few of them—they definitely inspired us. And despite the challenges many of them will face as they put their own ideas to work, they are fortunate to have people like Steve shining a light on a future of possibilities. Read More »

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Live from the Trenches: Feb 2, 2011


A few weeks ago, we blogged about the killer socks MOZO sent us. They are now IN STOCK, and if you’re looking for a superior, day-to-day,casual black sock that is rugged and seriously moisture wicking… you won’t be disappointed with these guys. Go add a pair to your next order.

Read More »

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