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Product review: MOZO Socks

Arrived at the Manpacks office this morning to find three pairs of MOZO socks waiting for me.  I love sample product days!  Wasting no time checking email or brewing coffee, I dug right in…

First impressions

The packaging says they were developed for people working restaurants who are on their feet all day.  The inner fabric pulls moisture away from your foot and the outer layer holds onto it.  A pair of MOZO shoes would complete this process, pulling the moisture away from the sock (my Rockports will have to suffice).  They feel well made—slightly rugged on the outside and soft inside.

Now to give them a good thrashing… Read More »


The OK Go Secret Sauce: Just Be Awesome

Indie music darlings OK Go are infamous for their music videos that go viral the minute they hit the intertubes.

CNN asked lead singer Damian Kulash why their videos go viral. His answer: Read More »


The Kids Are Alright: Mini-Deadmau5

Michael Cobra‘s 3 year old son is arguably cooler than you and cooler than me. His Hallowe’en costume request was uber-hip purveyor of beats Deadmau5. Michael’s making of video will brighten up your day especially with the kickin’ soundtrack. Read More »


Survey result: Robin eats her words, rides away on high horse

Wow. Was I ever wrong. We surveyed the Manpacks community and most of you wear your new underwear straight from the store without washing first. Ew! I wondered if this was a “girl thing” but it’s kind of not: Read More »


Aftershave: it’s for after shaving.

Great news! Shaving basics like razors and shaving cream are now ready to add to your pack – shopping just got a little more convenient, my friends. Customers new and old: add shaving essentials items to your order and they will ship with your next package or use the “Ship Now” button in your dash to get them right away. Read More »

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