Sport Fix Body Spray by Raw Materials

Raw Materials Sport Fix Body Spray

It’s a fact: sometimes you stank.

As the day goes on we can get a little bit…fragrant. Normally we throw on some deodorant and hope for the best, but that’s only masking the problem with better stink on stink. And there isn’t always time for a shower or fresh change of clothes.

Luckily, Raw Materials has put their mind to the task and the result is Sport Fix Body Spray.

It’s not a deodorant or anti-perspirant, it’s an Odor Neutralizer that hunts down and destroys BO at the molecular level (take that, stink molecules!) No fragrances, no harsh chemicals, no aluminum: just you smellin’ fresh. Continue reading

Sir Richard’s Condoms by Subscription


We’ve got you covered.

Let’s be honest—when you need a condom…you REALLY need one.

At Manpacks, we’ve built our business on making sure guys get the things they need when they need them. So we make it easy: we deliver a range of top-quality Sir Richard’s condom by subscription so you’ve always got a supply when the need…uh…arises. Continue reading

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