Facial Hair Through the Ages

Facial Hair Through the Ages

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Few things in history define badassery as well as facial hair. From Genghis Khan to Zach Galifianakis and everyone in between, many men are united through their ferocious facial follicles. Beards and moustaches have come roaring back into mainstream culture. What started as a movement has grown into a hairy renaissance. But to understand where facial hair culture is going, it’s important to know where we’ve been. Continue reading

Every Man Jack Deodorant

Anything Else Would Be Rude

Deodorant has long been our most requested items.

So why the wait? Like always, we had to find a product that was up to snuff for our discerning customers. This meant a deo that wasn’t just good—it had to be great. The right ingredients, the right scent, and at the right price. Continue reading

Sport Fix Body Spray by Raw Materials

Raw Materials Sport Fix Body Spray

It’s a fact: sometimes you stank.

As the day goes on we can get a little bit…fragrant. Normally we throw on some deodorant and hope for the best, but that’s only masking the problem with better stink on stink. And there isn’t always time for a shower or fresh change of clothes.

Luckily, Raw Materials has put their mind to the task and the result is Sport Fix Body Spray.

It’s not a deodorant or anti-perspirant, it’s an Odor Neutralizer that hunts down and destroys BO at the molecular level (take that, stink molecules!) No fragrances, no harsh chemicals, no aluminum: just you smellin’ fresh. Continue reading

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