Brush your teeth the right way

The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth

As purveyors of all things good-grooming, we’re always looking for tips and tricks to help guys look and feel their best. Admittedly, a lot of the time that focuses on shaving and clothes, and somewtimes we forget the more quotidian tasks like brushing your teeth. I mean, really, when was the last time you even thought about it?

So imagine our surprise when we discoved a guy who was so passionate about this often overlooked activity. And imagine how surprised we were to discover that we’ve been brushing our teeth wrong the whole time. We were so blown away that we invited Dr.Scott Fey to tell us how to brush your teeth the right way. Read More »

Mens sports performance socks by subscription

Men’s Performance Sport Socks—by subscription at Manpacks

More gain, less pain

Nothing ruins a good workout quite like a blister. Okay, maybe dropping a 50lb plate on your foot is worse, but we’re not in the shoe business.

The key to keeping those dogs from barking? Keep them cool, dry, and nicely padded. That’s why we carry high performance socks from Jox Sox and Mozo engineered for high performance guys. Read More »

Mens dress socks by subscription

Men’s Dress Socks by Subscription at Manpacks

Takin’ care of business

Okay. Perhaps a little overzealous. I mean…they’re socks, right?

However, when you think about it, socks are important. They keep your feet dry, warm (or cool), and protected from the abuse we put them through. Plus they look pretty cool. You know what’s not cool? Socks that have holes in them or don’t stay up. Those bad boys need replacing. Read More »

Fresh Balls New at Manpacks

Fresh Balls—Solution for Men. Now 21% OFF.

Okay, get all your jokes and laughing done. We did the same around the office when we first heard about Fresh Balls so we’re not going to judge.

But jokes aside, let’s be honest, guys: balls sweat and sometimes balls don’t smell so good. Luckily, somewhere scientists are busy working so you can live in a future free from these problems. Read More »


Raw Materials Skin Grit


Raw Materials Skin Grit is an all-natural exfoliating scrub. A blend of crushed walnut shells and botanical ingredients invigorate your face and leave you squeaky clean and refreshed. Make it a part of your morning routine—we love this product.

Read More »

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