12 Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Less of a Nightmare

Traveling over the holidays? Have a big vacation planned in the new year? Our guest blogger, Fred Perrotta knows a thing or two about travel: after all, his company—Tortuga Backpacks—makes some of the best travel backpacks on earth. So listen and learn how to make your trip easier, safer, and more comfortable.

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All She Wants for Christmas (Hint: The Perfect Party Dress)

Hey guys, with the holidays soon upon us your calendars are filling up with lots of parties and functions. It also means you’re probably passing time on the courtesy bench in a a dress shop while she finds the perfect dress…or five. Our friends at rentfrockrepeat.com have some helpful tips on how to make the evening—and the dress—special for the lady in your life.

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Oh, Canada

Manpacks' Canadian headquarters and data centre

Hey, I’m Dave, just like the Kids in the Hall song. I’m Manpacks’ marketing & social media guy. Yes, I get paid to Facebook. More importantly, I’m a Canadian.

Since all the Americans have left by now, let’s be honest, Canada is awesome. We’ve got cleaner air, better beer, poutine, more colourful money, and extra U’s in our words. Read More »


Upgrade to an Awesome Shave

Get the smoothest shave

For most guys shaving is a joyless task that produces mediocre results. You diligently drag a blade across your face and hope to achieve some semblance of smoothness without hacking yourself up too badly. Occasionally somebody pops up with a new razor product with a half-dozen blades that promises a closer shave but you end up with the same old results despite the marketing hype.

The fact is, the blade is only half the equation. If you’re shaving with drugstore foams and gels, your shaving game is over before a single blade even touches your face. Read More »

James Bond is smooth

James Bond is Smooth

Our favorite British spy shows why he’s a hit with the ladies.


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