10 Best Websites for Men: 2014 Edition

At Manpacks we have a habit of being online… a lot. Checking every little corner for new products to bring into Manpacks and sites that inspire manliness. Along with this search we’ve come across some really cool websites dedicated to making your life better as a man and wanted to share them with you.

Some are of the regular top 10 variety, but others we hope you haven’t seen. Sit back and enjoy Manpacks Best Sites for Men 2014 edition and let us know if we missed any in the comments. Continue reading 10 Best Websites for Men: 2014 Edition

10 Best Websites for Men

Here at Manpacks we’ve spent a lot of time checking out websites for men. And we’ve learned there is some really cool stuff that a lot of guys don’t know about. Rather than take this knowledge with us to the grave, it seemed time to do the right thing and MAKE A LIST.

So here’s a few of our favorite websites. Places to buy manly goods, places to learn manly skills, and places to have a few laughs and/or kill some time.

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