How Does Shaving Cream Really Work?


Shaving is the second most prevalent male ritual on Earth*. For the clean-shaven among us, trimming whiskers is a daily occurrence. And for the more hirsute, frequent trims are necessary to avoid looking like The Dude in “The Big Lebowski.”

Still, the art of shaving leaves nagging questions. While razor manufacturers fall over themselves to explain why more blades are better, an even bigger curiosity sits on the other side of the equation: What the hell is shaving cream, and how does the stuff work anyway? Continue reading

Apple vs Coffee: what really wakes you up?


really enjoy my cup of coffee every morning. But come 12pm, I start to crash. Then I eat lunch and I’m even worse! Recently, someone told me an apple in place of a cup of coffee in the morning has the same wake up effect, but without the mid-day drop. Well, before you go replacing the coffee machine with a bowl of fruit, here are some points to consider:

Continue reading

How to Make Perfect Cross-Hatch Grill Marks


 lot of people think that they already know how to grill like Bobby Flay. It’s true that pretty much anyone can sidle up to a hot barbecue, toss a mangled burger patty onto the fire and end up with something that’s at least edible. But what about the finer points? What about the little tricks and techniques that make your food taste and look amazing? Continue reading

The Crockpot is a Man’s Best Friend (in the Kitchen)


We here at Manpacks love finding new ways to live better without creating more work for ourselves. It’s one of the reasons we created this service.  And we’re betting you love it as well – it’s probably one of the reasons you’re on our site.  So we got to thinking about the various lifehacks, shortcuts, and random tricks we’ve found to make our daily lives easier (beside subscribing to Manpacks, of course) and have decided to share them with you, the Manpacks community. Continue reading

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