Tattoo Sign

And You Thought Your Tattoo Was a Pain in the Ass

You want WHAT? WHERE?!?

by Jeff Carmack

After facial tattoos, I have always thought that breast tatts were about the worst idea ever, but this really takes the cake. Read More »


Manpacks Blog Roundup—September 9, 2012

We’re back with the freshest and bestest Manpacks Blog goodness.

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Live large without spending large

Seven Things That Make You Feel Like a Millionaire for Under $20

Live large without spending large

Maybe times are still tight or maybe you need a pick-me-up that doesn’t break the bank to celebrate something. Or maybe you just deserve something nice.

In any case, life is full of little, forgotten luxuries that can be had for a modest amount that help you feel like Daddy Warbucks for less (significantly less) than a tank of gas.
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Scratch and sniff

Pheromone Parties: BYOT—Bring Your Own T-shirt

by Jeff Carmack

Perfect attire for a Pheromone Party. (Shirt by

Back in the day, you’d go to a party, someone would take out a plastic bag, you’d take a big sniff of what was inside, and then let the next person have a go.

Similar parties are still being held today. But while the party animals of the ‘80s were hoovering the fruit of the Andes, today’s sniffers are hitting the Fruit of the Looms. Read More »

Celebrity endorsements

Would You Buy Underwear from This Man?

by Jeff Carmack

Better steak than hair products

Celebrity endorsements have been around for a long time. Ever since Satan convinced Eve she needed more fresh fruit in her diet, big names have been used to sway people. Read More »

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