How to Make Perfect Cross-Hatch Grill Marks


lot of people think that they already know how to grill like Bobby Flay. It’s true that pretty much anyone can sidle up to a hot barbecue, toss a mangled burger patty onto the fire and end up with something that’s at least edible. But what about the finer points? What about the little tricks and techniques that make your food taste and look amazing? Continue reading

The Crockpot is a Man’s Best Friend (in the Kitchen)


We here at Manpacks love finding new ways to live better without creating more work for ourselves. It’s one of the reasons we created this service.  And we’re betting you love it as well – it’s probably one of the reasons you’re on our site.  So we got to thinking about the various lifehacks, shortcuts, and random tricks we’ve found to make our daily lives easier (beside subscribing to Manpacks, of course) and have decided to share them with you, the Manpacks community. Continue reading

PACT organic underwear: product review

A few weeks ago, we met the guys over at PACT.  “Change starts with your underwear” is their tagline, and 10% of their sales go towards supporting one of their featured causes that vary from marine conservation to distributing solar-powered lamps to communities without power — so we knew they were onto something pretty cool from the get-go. Continue reading

The Hemingway—Safety Razor Starter Kit

Safety-razor shaving starter kit

A Better Shave Made Easier

Curious about safety razor shaving? Lots of guys are, but don’t want to shell out big bucks to get all the gear involved. So we did the work and pulled together everything you need to get started with safety razor shaving.

We worked with our suppliers to bring you the ultimate starter pack, so you can experience a quality safety-razor shave without breaking the bank. A $54 value for only $39, and it arrives to your door in a vintage cigar box. Continue reading

10 Best Websites for Men: 2014 Edition

At Manpacks we have a habit of being online… a lot. Checking every little corner for new products to bring into Manpacks and sites that inspire manliness. Along with this search we’ve come across some really cool websites dedicated to making your life better as a man and wanted to share them with you.

Some are of the regular top 10 variety, but others we hope you haven’t seen. Sit back and enjoy Manpacks Best Sites for Men 2014 edition and let us know if we missed any in the comments. Continue reading

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