American Apparel Track Tee

Manpacks Hands-On: T-Shirt Shootout—RibbedTee vs American Apparel vs ExOfficio

Tees and V-necks form the backbone of a lot of guys wardrobes. Whether as undershirts, layering pieces, or worn in their full glory, their popularity as a fashion staple makes the some of our most popular items. Manpacks offers a wide selection of tees and vees in different fabrics and cuts from different brands. Today we take a closer look at three different shirts with three different personalities and purposes. Read More »

Raw Ingredients Skin Grit

Manpacks Hands-on: Raw Materials Skin Grit Review

Raw Materials Skin Grit: better skin and a closer shave

Let’s face it: skin is kind of gross. All the oil, sweat, hair and dirt means your skin needs a little bit of work to keep it in top shape. Don’t worry, Raw Materials has you covered with Skin Grit exfoliating scrub. Read More »

Deathstar Watermelon

Manpacks Weekly Roundup—August 12, 2012

We move into the dog days of summer, but Manpacks is still working for you. Check out our latest posts.

Read More »

Shower beer

An Ode to the Shower Beer

Shower + Beer = Shower Beer

There are many things in life which are expensive, complicated, difficult to accomplish, and ultimately, despite all the bullshit, may still produce unsatisfactory results. Racing horses, flying a helicopter, or getting married are three that quickly come to mind.

Luckily, one of the best—if not the best—things you can do in life is quick, cheap, and so easy, so self-evident in retrospect, that you’ll never look at things the same way again.

Allow me introduce the Shower Beer. Read More »

Man Aisle

Screw the Isle of Mann: I’m headed for the Man Aisle

All the essentials in one place.

by Jeff Carmack

If you’ve ever done the grocery shopping you know it sucks. You have to contend with crowded parking lots, tons of kids and, worst of all, guys like yourself who would rather be anywhere other than a grocery store.

Well, bro, if you live in Manhattan you’re in luck.

Some smart guys there have set up a Man Aisle in a local grocery. Read More »

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